9" Tiny Baby Romper with Jacket

Product #: 2-09-005-W Designer: Kati Rose


Sleeveless romper is made from a soft knit and has a matching lined, long sleeved jacket and hat. Blue and pink are solid colored knit; white is a white background with tiny pink and red flower print.

Click on picture to enlarge. We make all of our outfits here in the US.

Neck: 3 1/2"
Waist: 6"
Bonnet Brim: 6"
Underarm to Wrist: 2"
Neck to Crotch: 5"
Fits: Tiny hand sculpted polymer clay dolls, Sugar Lump, Beringuer babies, Tiny by Dianna Effner, Little Bittie by Lorna Miller Sands and many other 8"-9" baby dolls.
Last white with Flowers!

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