Bleuette Doll Clothes

Bleuette was introduced in the French press in 1904 as an incentive for French girls to subscribe to the new magazine "La Semaine de Suzette" (Suzette's Week). This magazine taught young girls lessons in entertaining, cooking, crafts, and most importantly sewing. Each article provided a pattern and sewing instructions for a new outfit for Bleuette. One hundred years later, Bleuette's popularity has resurfaced. Although an original Bleuette doll is difficult to find and very valuable, reproduction dolls are readily avavilable. You can build your Bleuette doll's wardrobe here with Vee's Victorians Bleuette doll clothes. Our outfits fit Seeley, Global, and Janice Neibert Bleuette bodies.

These outfits also fit Diana Effner's 12" dolls like Madeline, Joanna, Leah and Lacey.