Martha R November 23 2020

I received the beautiful doll dress, slip, and pantaloons today, and I am very thrilled.  Everything fits my china head doll perfectly, and such a lot of work put into it.  Even tiny buttonholes!  I collect china heads, and recently received one from the late 1800's, and the beautiful outfit you made is perfect for that era.  Thank you so much - my doll and I are very happy. - Martha...

Sarah S. October 17 2020

 I received my Victorian dress for my China head doll, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The style, fit, and material are beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled with my purchase in every way, and am honored to have my doll wear a creation that is pure class and perfection. ❤️  Thank you so much. - Sarah

Sue H October 08 2020

Your dresses are just fabulous... I don't know what I'd do without you!  My china heads and parians look gorgeous, thanks to you!! - Sue

Cathy W May 29 2020

The order arrived yesterday.  Everything fit perfectly and she looks beautiful!Thank you so much!  - Cathy 

Diana D May 05 2020

The dresses for my fashion doll are beyond lovely and fit very well. Thank you for such nice fresh fashions! - Diana

Sue H April 28 2020

Absolutely amazed by the beautiful dress and undies received today!!  Gorgeous work, design, and perfect (fast) shipping!! - Sue

Cheryl C February 22 2020

I received my Shirley Temple Take A Bow dress. I was so impressed with this gorgeous, amazing dress! So much talent and hard work! Thank you! - Cheryl

Marlene D February 03 2020

Received the dresses today and am very pleased with the quality and design!    Thanks! - Marlene

Betty G December 13 2019

I received my Little Huggums outfit today. This is for my granddaughter...to replace the outfit on the one I gave her mother 35 years ago. It has been in my attic all these years. I couldn’t be happier! ...so well made and in keeping with this sweet little doll. Thank you! -Betty

Carolyn Y. October 08 2019

I received my order in good time and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this beautiful dress.... The dress fits my doll perfectly and is so very well made - your work is incredible!  I am so happy to have found your website.  My doll originally belonged to my grandmother's sister as is from the late 1800's. She is now sitting in a lovely old child's rocker...

Carole S September 23 2019

Hi. I purchased your item #2-22-024P. Frilly sailor dress. I write  to say how pleased I am with it. Design, quality and  FIT. It is worn presently by a  Sweet Sue Walker. See you again soon. - Carole

Kay K. September 09 2019

I received the clothes for my Shirley Temple doll today and just wanted to thank you very much. They are just beautiful! - Kay