14" East India Priya Waldorf Doll Outfit

Product #: 4-14-007-Y Designer: Joy's Waldorf Dolls


Our 14" Priya doll outfit is a traditional 5-piece cotton outfit which includes a beautiful short-sleeved midriff-baring Blouse (Lehenga Choli) fringed with delightful plastic, dangling beads, the yellow floor length petticoat is made of 7 panels with contrasting red fabric piping and finishing. The long draping scarf (Sari) is long enough and wide enough to be worn several different ways -the Sari is not authentic in width and length. The matching slip-on Shoes and cotton Panties complete this outfit.

Click on picture to enlarge. Made by us in the USA.

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Fits: Joy's 13"-14" Waldorf Dolls and other similar sized dolls.
Materials: Cotton

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